Ready to Switch? Everything We Know About Nintendo’s New Console

January 12, 2017 – Nintendo officially announces their new console, the Nintendo Switch, with full release date, retail price, and a handful of games to expect alongside the system.

    The presentation was classically Nintendo: bizarre. Each presenter had some kind of gimmick –  such as the Lead “Squid Research” Scientist who told us about Splatoon 2 (coming this summer) – and nearly every presenter exited by saying they were going to “switch”, complete with a snap, over to the next person. What I found especially charming was how, despite the unenthused monotone of the English translators, the presenters all seemed genuinely excited to share this new toy with everyone.

    So, what do we officially know about the Switch? Well, honestly, not much more than we got from their teaser video back in October, but now we know, rather than suspect, that we can play Skyrim anywhere. Here’s a breakdown of some other facts:

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Whatever Happened to Couch Co-op?

In this episode, the Volcano Bakemeat gang wax nostalgic about the glory days of being able to sit down and play games with a buddy.

We speculate about why local multiplayer has become the exception, rather than the norm, call out some fun and interesting modern examples and then talk about Nintendo a lot.

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