Dear Pokemon Sun And Moon

Grant and I finally hopped on the Pokemon Sun and Moon train on Christmas morning. After playing through six of the new Pokemon challenges, I feel like I’m ready to pronounce at least some judgement on what the game does right and wrong. (NOTE: These views do not necessarily reflect VB’s views as a whole. That being said, anyone who disagrees can meet me in the schoolyard, behind the gym at 3pm. Fight. Fight. Fight.)\

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Stop Over-Seasoning: Your Salt is Ruining My Game

What is salt? A chemical compound that makes popcorn taste great – yes. But it’s also a colloquial descriptor for how someone may feel after being made fun of, attacked, or generally being embarrassed. Gamers in particular get referred to as being “salty” for things like losing without grace – or just shitting on a game they don’t like. And it’s ruining the experience.

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Silly Rabbit, Games Are For Kids

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio discusses games that were made for kids, but we still love playing. We talk about what parts of those games keep us coming back, how to create games that don’t talk down to their audience and how to be a respectful adult player in a kid’s space. Also which kid’s game is still haunting Paige’s nightmares.

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7 Ways Pokémon Is Still Behind The Times

My relationship with Pokémon has always been one of equal parts joy and frustration. As a child of the 90s, obviously a lot of my early gaming memories revolve around Nintendo’s virtual cockfighting simulator, and in the last few years it has drawn me back in. I enjoyed my playthroughs of the Gen VI titles, and plan on getting Sun and Moon, especially since they’re making cool changes like a more transparent battle interface, regional variants of Pokémon, and finally ditching the “Collect Eight Badges and Become Pokémon Master” main quest.

Okay, fine, I’ll preorder…


That said, replaying the classic formula through the eyes of a modern JRPG fan has brought a ridiculous amount of frustration. Pokémon (and Nintendo in general) is notoriously set in its ways, but the following are things that are inexcusable after 20 years of urging us to catch ‘em all. In honor of the upcoming Generation VII, here are 7 ways that Pokémon still needs to get with the times.

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