Limited Thinking

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio look at the games that used their limited resources to think outside the box, (and the games that maybe should have have had a few more limits). We also try to imagine how you could make a character-focused RPG with one voice actor and decry a major missed opportunity in Duke Nukem Forever.

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VB Appetizer: Fast Casual Gaming

In our first appetizer mini-episode, Volcano Bakemeat’s crew discuss casual gaming. Grant and Jessica talk about the time a frat’s constant soundtrack contributed to their Robot Unicorn Attack war, Paige admits a shameful love for a terrible gaming genre, and we all try to unpack the stigma associated with casual gaming.

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What Zelda Does Right (As Proven By The Wind Waker)

There’s been a lot of Zelda in our house recently. I got the nostalgic itch to play Minish Cap in July, then Nintendo Selects released a $20 version of The Wind Waker’s HD remaster which we’d been meaning to pick up since we got the Wii U in November, and then Grant got jealous and picked up Oracle of Seasons for the 3DS, and he’s planning to pick up Ages when he’s done. This–along with the Breath of the Wild hype that’s been going around since E3–reminded me how much I love Zelda.

Since Jessica rightly pointed out that sometimes there’s too much salt in modern gaming culture, I wanted to take a moment to remember all the cool stuff that makes the Legend of Zelda series what it is, and really, Wind Waker gives me more than enough reasons.

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Escapism: A Love Story

Video games have always been there. Sure, I’ve had the occasional affair with a book, and I’m never going to deny that I, too, have done the late-night call to Netflix or Hulu. But if something is going on in my life where I need to step away and absorb myself in another world, a book is just too easy to let my mind wander, and a show is just a mind numbing experience to get through a few hours without meaning anything. But video games have always, always been there.

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