Skateboarding: A Game Genre in Need of an Indie Revival

I miss skateboarding games — specifically, I miss the (good) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. Although in general, the skateboarding game genre seems to have stagnated. You know what that means? It’s the perfect time for an indie revolution.

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Bargain Bin!: Mountain

Welcome to the Bargain Bin! Once a month, I buy a game from Steam or GoG with a list price (not a sale price) of under five dollars, and then tell you about it!
I’ll give you:

  • A brief synopsis so you know what the game is,
  • If it works (from a mechanical standpoint),
  • If I was able to put a full hour into it,
  • If I’m happy I own it once I’ve played it,
  • Any closing thoughts or impressions.

If you have a suggestion for other bargain bin games I should look at, feel free to tweet us @sosimplyverygud or email us at and I’ll take a look!

Price: $0.99

What is it?

Mountain, a game by David OReilly, is…. I am actually not sure how to answer this question. At first glance Mountain is a simulator; it simulates a mountain with weather effects and occasional random events. However, it’s only a simulator in the same way a closed terrarium is a simulator. You set it going, it does its thing, and you look at it. It keeps going in the background, and every once in a while you look over at it and say to yourself “Hey, that’s really frickin’ neato.” Continue reading Bargain Bin!: Mountain