Silly Rabbit, Games Are For Kids

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio discusses games that were made for kids, but we still love playing. We talk about what parts of those games keep us coming back, how to create games that don’t talk down to their audience and how to be a respectful adult player in a kid’s space. Also which kid’s game is still haunting Paige’s nightmares.

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Critically Unaccclaimed

The Volcano Bakemeat crew discuss their favorite underrated or unappreciated games. We look why some games were ignored by audiences or critics and why that makes us sad. We also look the different kinds of cults. Then, Paige and Connor get incredibly excited about a GameCube era Sega release that neither of them have beaten.

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The Cult of Playability: What Makes Cult Games So Great

The term “Cult Classic” is well-known within the realm of film, as well as other forms of art and entertainment. Video games, of course, also have their fair share of cult classics. Games like Earthbound and Mirror’s Edge have relatively small but incredibly passionate fan bases. These are fans who will fill their lives with the culture found in games like these: fan art, merch, music, writing… and more. For them, it really is like being in a cult.

And I think that’s a fantastic thing.

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