VB Appetizer: Voice Acting in Video Games

In this Appetizer mini-episode, Connor, Grant, and Paige are joined by Neil Phelps — an independent filmmaker and actor — to discuss the ins and outs of voice acting in video games. What makes for good voice acting, what voice acting has done for the industry, how voice acting can change a game, and examples of some games that got voice acting right/wrong all come into the conversation during this mini-episode.

*Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

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VB Appetizer: Fast Casual Gaming

In our first appetizer mini-episode, Volcano Bakemeat’s crew discuss casual gaming. Grant and Jessica talk about the time a frat’s constant soundtrack contributed to their Robot Unicorn Attack war, Paige admits a shameful love for a terrible gaming genre, and we all try to unpack the stigma associated with casual gaming.

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