Live Episode: Communities in Gaming

Live at Emerald City Comic Con, Volcano Bakemeat radio discussed communities in gaming, how those communities are shaped, and one very distinct mouse pad.

Thanks again to Emerald City Comic Con for inviting us to their podcasting stage. We had a great time.

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Limited Thinking

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio look at the games that used their limited resources to think outside the box, (and the games that maybe should have have had a few more limits). We also try to imagine how you could make a character-focused RPG with one voice actor and decry a major missed opportunity in Duke Nukem Forever.

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Bonus: Sequels and Limits

This was some cool audio that related but didn’t quite fit in our main episode. But it made us realize we definitely need to do an episode about sequels and it was too good not to share with you guys.

I guess this also counts as preview on our episode on limits which should come out late Feb/Early March as we switch to a monthly schedule

Have We Met Before? Exploring Replayability in Video Games

In this episode, we discuss replayability in video games. We go into what makes a game replayable, why replayability is important to gamers, the various ways a game can structure its replayability factor, and more!

*Image credit: Game Informer

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VB Appetizer: Voice Acting in Video Games

In this Appetizer mini-episode, Connor, Grant, and Paige are joined by Neil Phelps — an independent filmmaker and actor — to discuss the ins and outs of voice acting in video games. What makes for good voice acting, what voice acting has done for the industry, how voice acting can change a game, and examples of some games that got voice acting right/wrong all come into the conversation during this mini-episode.

*Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

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Shooting Zombies to Destress: The Healing Power of Games

We explore the benefits games can have in day to day life, what actual literal therapeutic benefits they might have, and why Left 4 Dead can be an essential part of working retail.

NOTE: We swear pretty freely on the podcast, but in this episode, Jessica uses a word for genitalia that some people see as more offensive. Be aware that that’s in there.
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VB Appetizer: Fast Casual Gaming

In our first appetizer mini-episode, Volcano Bakemeat’s crew discuss casual gaming. Grant and Jessica talk about the time a frat’s constant soundtrack contributed to their Robot Unicorn Attack war, Paige admits a shameful love for a terrible gaming genre, and we all try to unpack the stigma associated with casual gaming.

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Are You Sure We Played The Same Game?

The topic of choice in video games is absolutely huge, so in this episode we (attempt) to limit our discussion to one aspect: Even having a choice in the first place. We debate the pros and cons of letting a player choose anything and then talk about the pretentious existential question if you can actually choose anything in the first place (…in video games).

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Just Give it Arkham Combat: Making a Great Adaptation

In our episode about adaptations, the Volcano Bakemeat crew talk about how to make a good adaptation, why people assume game adaptations will be bad and why Jessica gets to say butthole at work.

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Silly Rabbit, Games Are For Kids

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio discusses games that were made for kids, but we still love playing. We talk about what parts of those games keep us coming back, how to create games that don’t talk down to their audience and how to be a respectful adult player in a kid’s space. Also which kid’s game is still haunting Paige’s nightmares.

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Critically Unaccclaimed

The Volcano Bakemeat crew discuss their favorite underrated or unappreciated games. We look why some games were ignored by audiences or critics and why that makes us sad. We also look the different kinds of cults. Then, Paige and Connor get incredibly excited about a GameCube era Sega release that neither of them have beaten.

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Female Woman Ladies Part Two

In this two parter, Volcano Bakemeat Radio looks at playable female characters. We talk about why Portal is a little like Mean Girls, what it’s like when a game chooses your gender (and race) randomly, and which characters we’d like to see gender swapped.

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Female Woman Ladies Part One

In this two parter, Volcano Bakemeat Radio looks at playable female characters. We talk about why Fable 2 made Jessica cry, why a X-Com operative code-named Mama Bear might be Jeff’s favorite woman in video games, and why Paige still feels vaguely uncomfortable playing Skull Girls

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Podcast Simulator 2016

60% of Volcano Bakemeat Radio have been way too into Stardew Valley recently and with the building of Grant’s PC we’re about to bump that up to 80%, so simulators have been on our minds recently.

This week, we devote an hour to everything from Forza to Goat Simulator 2015. We talk about what draws us to simulators, what makes a simulator good, if they’re doomed to be casual (and really is that so bad?), and the deceptively simple question: what is a simulator anyway?

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Whatever Happened to Couch Co-op?

In this episode, the Volcano Bakemeat gang wax nostalgic about the glory days of being able to sit down and play games with a buddy.

We speculate about why local multiplayer has become the exception, rather than the norm, call out some fun and interesting modern examples and then talk about Nintendo a lot.

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Surprise, Delight and Betrayal: Storytelling in Games

This week, Volcano Bakemeat discuss the whys and hows of telling stories with video games. We talk about the core elements of storytelling in gaming, the advantages (and disadvantages) of telling a story with video games as the medium, how storytelling and game play can complement each other and more.

Please note that in this episode we briefly discuss suicide and children with terminal diseases.

Please also note that in this episode, we may spoil aspects of multiple games including: An early Easter Egg in Psychonauts, an early scene in Baulder’s Gate, a path in The Stanley Parable, a midpoint event in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the ends of the first Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts games, major events in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I & II, a mission in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and some missions from Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. If you notice any other spoilers, please let us know and we will update the list.

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So Simply, very good?

In the podcast’s inaugural episode, the Volcano Bakemeat Radio Crew talk about the games that that turned them into gamers and what makes a game “so simply, very good.”

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