Bakemeat Bites!

Bite-sized audio clips and goodies from the Volcano Bakemeat podcast and crew. Bloopers, out-of-context quotes, and more for you to enjoy!

*Most recent Bites listed first (top-to-bottom)



Exquisite Detail…

F*ck! I did it again!

Grant Has a Problem


Different Colored Shoes!

Ohhh Yes (Pt.2)

VB’s New Slogan

Cheese is Beautiful.

Grant Reviews the Stanley Parable:

Grant Has the Vapors:


All My Friends are Dead!

Batman Tickles People:

Butt Sprinkles:

I approve… Sexually.

Fix Your Sh*t, Bro.

Garrus Has Reach:

Ohhh Yesss


I’m a Metaphor…

I Need a Weapon.

In Russia, Game Plays You…

The Game Must Be Destroyed:

I’ve Got Balls of Steel…


It Makes Me Feeel Good!

Pokemon Slaves:

Very Very Very Delicious Pork:

Connor Describes Minecraft:

Bakemeat’s Editing Policy:

We explain Pikmin:

Connor Discovers an Uncomfortable Truth:

Epic Mickey:

Grant Reviews Rise of the Argonauts:

Grant Offends a Listener:

Intros are Hard When You’re Paige:

Paige’s limited appreciation for puns:

Video Games are a Serious Hobby:

Number One Reason For Unsubscribing:

Our Plans for March 2-5

Stay tuned for more to come! 🙂

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