Raised on Commander Keen and Space Invaders, Connor has been gaming since before he could read. He enjoys trying new things and love games that do the same, which is also why he’s a huge fan of indie games and indie developers. He also studied business in school, and likes to provide commentary on the video game industry, when applicable. Despite the fact that he is most commonly seen playing online multiplayer shooters like Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege nowadays, his favorite game is Pokemon Snap, and he go on forever if you ask him about (you’ve been warned).
Fun Fact: It would take 190 days, 19 hours, and 51 minutes for Connor to complete every game in his Steam library.



Grant considers himself a “hardcore gamer”, the result of being handed Diablo as a child and never looking back. While he will give just about any genre a try, Grant’s true love has always been RPGs; a compelling story or an in-depth gameplay system are enough to draw him in for dozens of hours at a time, and if a game has both, all the better. He is of the ardent opinion that Final Fantasy VI is the greatest game ever made, and will gleefully work it into any conversation he can.
Fun Fact: Grant does not know what his high score is in Tetris DS, because the game stops counting after 10,000 lines. On a related note, he wasn’t popular in high school.



Jeff has been playing games at the expense of physical and mental health since he was about nine years old. Not much is left of him now. Some kind folk have taken pity on him, and let him ramble into a microphone from time to time. God bless his soul.
Fun Fact: Jeff has played two and a half months of Dota 2. He is hoping if he racks up nine months, he can claim it as a child on his taxes.



People and puzzles are Jessica’s love – any game that challenges the way you think, tells a compelling story, or generally achieves something reality just can’t, cover the kinds of games she plays and raves about. She tries to bring in her Psychology background to some effect, but more often her deep fascination with the creative process shines through.
Fun Fact: Jessica has nightmares about DW, younger sister of Arthur from the children’s books/TV show. This is due to the fact that Jessica playtested one of the educational games for her father in mid-development, and a bug caused DW to repeat the line “how many jelly beans?” over and over, even after leaving the room she was in. The voice haunts her to this day.



Paige is a huge storytelling enthusiast in any format and has a weirdly large, weirdly eclectic collection of information on too many topics to be useful. A self pronounced fan of all things casual, Paige brings her disturbingly wide knowledge of flash games to Volcano Bakemeat.
Fun Fact: Paige held a high score in Q*Bert. She has never played Q*Bert, but she once found a cabinet where someone else got a high score before they entered their initials, and took advantage of the situation.

Art by Sarah Tillery. Her styles are diverse, her talent immense, and her commissions open.