What is Volcano Bakemeat?

While many gaming podcasts focus on news and what the hosts are currently playing,  Volcano Bakemeat decided to go for a different angle. We took our collective love of videogames and combined it with our passions for storytelling, psychology, education, economics, marketing and anything else we know a little bit about to dive into the bigger questions of gaming.

Since Volcano Bakemeat started as a college radio show hosted by Connor and Grant, a podcast seemed like a natural evolution. However, podcasts take a long time to edit, so we decided to supplement those with blog posts on a variety of gaming topics.

What’s with the name?

That’s an interesting story. Kind of.

The name “Volcano Bakemeat” comes from a quote in a YouTube video by DeliciousCinnamon about a bootleg Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal game.

(Jump to 4:35 for the magical moment.)

Grant and Connor watched this video when it first aired, and it just happened to coincide with the creation of their college radio program. The name stuck.


We try to make this stuff fun for everyone, so regardless of your experience or game preferences, there might be something here for you to enjoy.

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