Bargin Bin: Refunct

Welcome to the Bargain Bin where I buy a game from Steam or GoG with a list price (not a sale price) of under five dollars, and then tell you about it!
I’ll give you:

  • A brief synopsis so you know what the game is,
  • If it works (from a mechanical standpoint),
  • If I was able to put a full hour into it,
  • If I’m happy I own it once I’ve played it,
  • Any closing thoughts or impressions.

If you have a suggestion for other bargain bin games I should look at, feel free to tweet us @sosimplyverygud or email us at and I’ll take a look!

Price: $2.99

What is it?

Refunct is a simple parkour/platformer with no storyline, just a leisurely, almost zen point A to point B object cycle.

Does it work?

Yes, mostly. The game makes enough sense, and even with absolutely zero tutorial I was able to play with no trouble. That said, the click boxes for some items are frustratingly small, and the game doesn’t allow you to do much more than proceed through the world.

Could I play it for an hour?

No. My first run of the game took me half an hour, second run took me twenty minutes.

Am I happy I have it now that I’ve played it?

Yes. Absolutely.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know, I really like Minecraft, but I also really like dedicated platformers and trancy EDM and I don’t like the stress from monsters and survival.” Congratulations, you just sold yourself on Refunct.
The game is simple, relaxing, at times puzzling, and genuinely delightful. The day/night cycle and graphics engine really make it so every moment is beautiful. The platforms changing from concrete to dirt with grass when you touch them helps inspire the player to continue moving forward, finding every block of concrete and bringing color to the world.

It also bears mentioning that this game has garnered a bit of a speedrunning base. It’s a beautiful exploration and ambiance experience, but the shifting landscapes and the constant retracing your path in altered terrain makes for a fun challenge.

Short version, I greatly enjoyed the game and for $3.00 I don’t think anyone wouldn’t enjoy this game immensely. Go buy it.


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