Limited Thinking

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio look at the games that used their limited resources to think outside the box, (and the games that maybe should have have had a few more limits). We also try to imagine how you could make a character-focused RPG with one voice actor and decry a major missed opportunity in Duke Nukem Forever.

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Four Short Days in the Emerald City

As we’ve mentioned a couple times on the podcast and the website, we’ll be hosting a live episode of our podcast at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle (the link has our panel’s date and time. No pressure.) What did we do to get that illustrious Thursday evening slot on the podcasting stage? Here’s the story that been a year (kinda) in the making.

A Year Ago

Last April, Volcano Bakmeat’s hosts all went to Emerald City together. The podcast was still relatively new (we had two episodes and a few articles), but we were excited. Connor stayed up the night before making business cards that we could give out if the podcast came up. Two of us were cosplaying video game characters (Grant as FFVI’s Locke and Connor as Hotline Miami’s Jacket) and one of us was cleverly dressed as a podcast host (alternatively, you could say Jeff decided not to cosplay).

Podcasts weren’t as big at the con last year (the podcasting stage is new this year), but we were still impressed by 95% of the panels we went to and managed to hand out a few cards. After some discussions about a friend who had gotten a press badge for E3, we began to wonder how difficult it would be to get to do something and Emerald City was one of the names that came up. Jump to:


Sometime (I can’t find the email) in the fall of 2016, exhibitor entries opened for people interested in Emerald City. We worked together to try to figure out an episode idea. Mass Effect was an early contender since we knew that Andromeda would be released sometime in the spring, but we realized it might not be the best episode to do on a tight hour deadline. Instead, we decided that community in the video game world would be a good topic for an event where people who loved games would be coming together. After drafting up a quick episode submission, we sent it in and waited.

January 5

I (Paige) got an email from ECCC panel with the subject line: “IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ECCC PANEL. READ EMAIL IN ENTIRETY.” Which should have been a tipoff that maybe we got a panel, but I still had to skim and reskim a little before I saw the part of the email that included the phrase “we are happy to inform you” which was good enough for me. After a little back and forth with the con organizers to figure out some contingencies and figure out how live recording actually works, our panel was figured out.

Like most of our episodes, we posted a doc on Google Drive to brainstorm questions.

Late January

Emerald Comic Con Panels go up. Paige gets irrationally happy about seeing our names on the site.

We also met up to talk about what we wanted to talk about in the episode. We took the doc and tried to figure out how to fit our episode structure into an hour without any of the editing we normally get.

February 15

The day after Valentine’s Day, we reconvened to try a dry run of the episode. After a weirdly long decision making process about who should moderate (d4’s were rolled), we got through introductions all four questions in a little under an hour (with time to spare for the game we want to play at the end).

We also bought stickers with our logo. Much more professional than business cards.

Feb 16-March 1

We’re getting ready for the con in other ways. Cosplays need to be made and hair needs to be dyed. Panels looked through and priorities made. We need to figure out how to actually record our audio to get it to you guys (the con told us the how, but I’ll need to make sure we have the right equipment).

But for the most part, we’re ready. And excited. We’ve got a great episode planned and  it’ll be good to see some of your smiling faces come March 2nd.

Side note: Keep an eye out for us every day of the Con. Current plans are Connor and Jessica will be dressing up as Edd and Marie from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Paige and Grant will be Dipper and Wendy from Gravity Falls Saturday (and Paige might pull out Kimmy Schmidt for Friday). Jeff will be affable every day. If you see any of us, say hi for a super special limited edition Volcano Bakemeat sticker. (Okay, so it’s just a sticker with our logo on it, but I’m pretty sure they’re the only ones in existance).

Bonus: Sequels and Limits

This was some cool audio that related but didn’t quite fit in our main episode. But it made us realize we definitely need to do an episode about sequels and it was too good not to share with you guys.

I guess this also counts as preview on our episode on limits which should come out late Feb/Early March as we switch to a monthly schedule

Bargin Bin: Refunct

Welcome to the Bargain Bin where I buy a game from Steam or GoG with a list price (not a sale price) of under five dollars, and then tell you about it!
I’ll give you:

  • A brief synopsis so you know what the game is,
  • If it works (from a mechanical standpoint),
  • If I was able to put a full hour into it,
  • If I’m happy I own it once I’ve played it,
  • Any closing thoughts or impressions.

If you have a suggestion for other bargain bin games I should look at, feel free to tweet us @sosimplyverygud or email us at and I’ll take a look!

Price: $2.99

What is it?

Refunct is a simple parkour/platformer with no storyline, just a leisurely, almost zen point A to point B object cycle.

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Have We Met Before? Exploring Replayability in Video Games

In this episode, we discuss replayability in video games. We go into what makes a game replayable, why replayability is important to gamers, the various ways a game can structure its replayability factor, and more!

*Image credit: Game Informer

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