Shooting Zombies to Destress: The Healing Power of Games

We explore the benefits games can have in day to day life, what actual literal therapeutic benefits they might have, and why Left 4 Dead can be an essential part of working retail.

NOTE: We swear pretty freely on the podcast, but in this episode, Jessica uses a word for genitalia that some people see as more offensive. Be aware that that’s in there.

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Thanks to Texvn for our opening theme

Sarah Tillery’s art:
Our About Us page
Redbubble store
Art Tumblr
Seeing Things (A webcomic about a demon and her human roommate. Sarah Tillery does the art, the script is by the similarly talented Ken Fergione)
If you’d like cool art from her like we got, her commissions are open and her prices are reasonable.

Connor’s guest hosting spot on Bits on Hits talking about Hotline Miami

Games and articles we mentioned
Blue Dragon’s Boss theme (Grant tested, Paige disapproved)
German Forklift Driver Comic
Geek to Geek Cast
Escapism: A Love Story
Scientific American Article: Brain Tune-up From Action Video Games (behind a paywall)
Minecraft’s ending: Text | Video
Wheelhouse Workshop
The Bodhana Group
Game to Grow – A video series by several groups, including the Bodhana Group and Wheelhouse Workshop about how to incorporate personal growth into tabletop role-playing games
Wall Street Journal: “Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends”
NPR article on declining Japanese birthrates


2 thoughts on “Shooting Zombies to Destress: The Healing Power of Games

  1. Without listening to the podcast, may I guess Jessica’s offensive word? “My ding-a-ling”? “The Good Place”? “Pineapple Surprise”? ” Larry”? Am I getting close?


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