VB Appetizer: Fast Casual Gaming

In our first appetizer mini-episode, Volcano Bakemeat’s crew discuss casual gaming. Grant and Jessica talk about the time a frat’s constant soundtrack contributed to their Robot Unicorn Attack war, Paige admits a shameful love for a terrible gaming genre, and we all try to unpack the stigma associated with casual gaming.

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Thanks to Texvn for our opening theme and Sarah Tillery for our About Page art 

Things we talked about:
The episode of the Geek To Geek Podcast Paige referenced
Wedding Salon
Robot Unicorn Attack
Burrito Bison
Stardew Valley
Angry Birds
Flow Free: Android | Apple
Artist Colony
Journey: Sony Store
flOw: Sony Store
Flower: Sony Store
Tsum Tsum: Android | Apple
Adventure Capitalist*: Android | Apple
Burn the Rope: Android | Apple
Pop Cap games (creators of Bejeweled, Plants Vs Zombies, Peggle, Zuma and many other addictive games)

*After the episode aired, both Grant and I (Paige) downloaded Adventure Capitalist. We both also stopped playing and deleted it a few days later, for our own sanity. The game is smartly crafted and has a lot of clever stuff, but we both found wewere playing it because we felt compelled to and not because we were actually having fun. It felt closer to addiction than either of us have ever been, so for us, it wasn’t a good thing to have around. This, of course, isn’t true for everyone, but it seemed disingenuous to recommend the game in our episode without including this note.


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