Just Give it Arkham Combat: Making a Great Adaptation

In our episode about adaptations, the Volcano Bakemeat crew talk about how to make a good adaptation, why people assume game adaptations will be bad and why Jessica gets to say butthole at work.

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Links and games mentioned in the show:
The Mighty Boosh – Wikipedia
The Hellboy tie in game exists and it’s called the Science of Evil
Legacy of Goku 2- Wiki
Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite- A lovingly detailed dictionary of the Hamtaro game’s dictionary
Lego Harry Potter: Cedric Digory’s father … grieves?
Alien: Colonial Marines-Wikipedia
Superman 64- Wikipedia | “Let’s See if Superman 64 Is the Worst Game of All Time”
Cartoon Network: Punchtime Explosion- Wikipedia
Places to read The Witcher books


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