Silly Rabbit, Games Are For Kids

In this episode, Volcano Bakemeat Radio discusses games that were made for kids, but we still love playing. We talk about what parts of those games keep us coming back, how to create games that don’t talk down to their audience and how to be a respectful adult player in a kid’s space. Also which kid’s game is still haunting Paige’s nightmares.

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Games We Referenced

Kid Friendly*
Lego Batman 2: Steam | Wikipedia
Nancy Drew games: Website | Wikipedia
Oregon Trail: Game
Kid Pix: Website | Wikipedia
Myst: Steam | Wikipedia
Riven: Steam | Wikipedia
Rayman Legends: Steam | Wikipedia
Rayman Origins: Amazon | Wikipedia
Stardew Valley*: Website | Wikipedia
Brutal Legend*: Steam | Wikipedia
Rocket League: Steam | Wikipedia
Viewtiful Joe*: Website | Wikipedia
Super Mario Sunshine: Ad
Club Penguin: Website
Runescape: Website
Song of the Deep: Website | Wikipedia
Mighty Number 9: Website | Wikipedia
Yooka-Laylee: Website | Wikipedia
Pokemon Snap: Amazon | Wikipedia
The Simpsons: Hit and Run*: Wikipedia

Not So Kid Friendly
Baldur’s Gate: Website | Wikipedia
Metroid Prime: Website | Wikipedia
The Stanley Parable: Steam | Wikipedia
Dishonored: Website | Wikipedia
Hotline Miami: Website | Wikipedia

*Disclaimer: We’re a group of twenty-somethings without kids. We’re not qualified to say what is appropriate for your child. Some of the games on this list may be more appropriate for older kids or have things in them that some parents would object to but not others. As we discuss in the episode, some of the games touch on weightier topics or need setting adjustments for younger audiences. Be a smart parent and check out the games yourself before playing.


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