Don’t Play Hungry: 6 Game Foods You’ll Wish Weren’t Made Out of Pixels

Game graphics have come a long way since Pac-Man first gobbled up a few cherries while running from ghosts. While Grant was playing through Odinsphere, I was amazed by its beautiful aesthetic, but even more shocked by how hungry I got while watching it. Which got me thinking: Why is videogame so delicious looking? And, more importantly, why won’t anyone let me eat it?

Because I care about all of our readers, I wanted you to share in my pain. So, here are 6 games that make me drool.


odinsphere food.jpg


Everything in this game is gorgeous, and — unsurprisingly — the food isn’t an exception. As you gather and combine ingredients, you can pay pookas (the game’s resident rabbit people) to cobble them together into sumptuous dishes. The wide variety of plates piled high withe lamb steaks, quiches and gnocchi are enough to fill a season of Top Chef.


Don’t Starve

The name of this survival-based game might not be the most promising. It conjures up images of eating roots and rats to survive. And while it’s true that not all of your eating options are ideal (blubber anyone?), not all of them are unappetizing. The meals you can conjure up once you get the game’s crock-pot are appealing enough that I’d ignore a full stomach to scarf them down.



Final Fantasy XV

Even though it hasn’t come out yet, we already know that the new Final Fantasy is going to be about a road trip, and roadtrips are all about the road trip food.The released images for the game’s food are eerily realistic. Sometimes I had to do a doubletake to make sure it wasn’t from an actual food blog. And when I look at this beautiful slab of fish, I wish it was.



Persona 4

Persona 4’s Rainy Day Beef Bowl is one the few instances of a game replicating the experience of a restaurant eating challenge, but hey, that kind of weird is how the Persona games roll. The sumptuous pile of beef and noodles might be intimidating to my stomach and psyche, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat it.

Impressively, the Persona 4 spin-off anime wasn’t content with being able to show delicious things. They actually did what I wish most of these games would do and branched out into the real world for a limited-time meat-space menu.



Cooking Mama

While other games make you want to eat, Cooking Mama made you want to create. While the photorealism mixed with their kitchy-cartoon style might not have worked, it managed to blend into a fun, upbeat mix that inspired you to learn more about the kitchen and make some of the things your avatar dished out. Until Mama yelled at you. Then it made you need a little therapy.


I’ll admit, when I’m tired after a long day at the office, sometimes I just wish I could break down a wall and find a fully cooked turkey.

BONUS ENTRY: Volcano Bakemeat

Due to the popularity of Delicious Cinnamon’s original video, our confusing namesake food has been made a few times during the years. There’s no official recipe, and the name is…odd, but people have given it a go anyway. Props to Chic Trombone for making this …masterpiece?


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