Pokemon Go: More Than Just a Mobile Game

I realize I’m a bit late to the party, but I’d like to take a moment to talk about Pokemon Go (aka “POGO”).

I don’t want to talk about how fun it is, or how great it is for my childhood nostalgia. I want to talk about how it’s accomplished so much more than a normal video game typically would — especially a mobile game.

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4 Reasons You Should Watch EVO (Even If You Aren’t Into Fighting Games)

In case it hasn’t been made obvious by two of my previous articles, I am fighting game enthusiast. I’m not going to enter tournaments and win prizes, and I’m not going to spend hours upon hours in training mode practicing new options and setups, but I also try my best to learn a character enough that I can get by without having to just mash buttons until the match is over. I find fighting games, and the technical skill required to truly master them, fascinating, and enjoy the competitive aspect in a more friendly setting that can only come from playing Smash Bros. on the couch with your friend.

My slightly-more-than-passing interest in the genre has led me to tune in to the Evolution Fighting Game Championship (or EVO) for the past several years. EVO takes place in Vegas, but it streamed on several different Twitch channels all weekend. Players from all over the world compete in several different fighting games, with each game crowning a champion by the end of the weekend, earning a large prize pot and bragging rights until next year.

EVO has become a much-anticipated event in our house now, with Paige and I anxiously counting the days and planning our schedule around what games are going to be on stream and when. I think anyone who loves video games can appreciate the phenomenon that is EVO (at least the Top 8s on Sunday), and here’s why:

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If I Ran the Power Rangers: The Wide World of Chromasquad

I’ll begin this article with an admission: I never watched Power Rangers as a child. I was a WB kid, so Pokemon, Animaniacs and The Jackie Chan Adventures were already rounding out my TV line up.

It was only when I was in college and my incredibly stressed out boyfriend chose arrested development as a coping mechanism that I was introduced to the sentai genre. Grant had a lot of teaching work, and when he was done all he had the brain for was sitting in his dorm room in his pajamas and a juice box and watching Power Rangers. I figured I’d give it a shot.

I shotgunned the entirety of Mighty Morphin.

So, when I heard there was a tile-based strategy game that paid homage to the Sentai genre (the Japanese costumed crime-fighting genre Power Rangers popularized in the US) I knew I’d need to play Chromasquad. Eventually. When it was on the Steam Summer Sale. Because I’m not made of money.

After playing the first two seasons of the game, I can honestly say I wish I’d bought it sooner. It’s a fun, interesting simulator/tile based strategy mix with innovative but intuitive graphics that would be a blast even if you’re weren’t devoted to cheap Japanese kids shows, but is even better if you are. Here’s why:

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