Female Woman Ladies Part Two

In this two parter, Volcano Bakemeat Radio looks at playable female characters. We talk about why Portal is a little like Mean Girls, what it’s like when a game chooses your gender (and race) randomly, and which characters we’d like to see gender swapped.

This is part two of a two part episode. You should probably check out the first part as well.

Note: In this episode we use the words “female” and “woman” pretty interchangeably. Although most people’s gender identity is the same as their physical sex and we’re used to using them like they’re the same, we know that’s not the case for everyone. Sorry.

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Links and games mentioned in the show
Always Sometimes Monsters: Publisher WebsiteSteam
Overwatch: Character list, Website
Rust: Website, Reddit thread discussing the faction “The Communist Island of Lesbos” (misidentified in the episode as Lesbian Paradise Island)
Skullgirls: Steam, Character pages
Song of the Deep: Trailer, Website
The Hawkweye Initiative

Correction: Grant said Knights of the Old Republic 2  was a Bioware game. It is not. He realizes his error.


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