Whatever Happened to Couch Co-op?

In this episode, the Volcano Bakemeat gang wax nostalgic about the glory days of being able to sit down and play games with a buddy.

We speculate about why local multiplayer has become the exception, rather than the norm, call out some fun and interesting modern examples and then talk about Nintendo a lot.

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Reference Links:
Army of Two: WikipediaAmazon
Broforce: Website, Steam
Crawl: Website, Steam
Divinity: Original Sin: WikipediaSteam,  Amazon
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Website, Steam
Nidhogg: Website, Steam
Oh…Sir! : Steam
Spectrobes: Wikipedia

Nitpicky corrections and pre-emptive strikes against nitpicky corrections:

  • At one point, Connor said theory when he meant hypothesis. This was bad and he feels bad.
  • At another point, while talking about Final Fantasy IX, Grant pronounces the name Zidane “Zi-don.” He does not feel bad because canonically, he’s correct.

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