Why Crystal’s Pony Tale is an Absurdist Masterpiece

When I was very young, maybe five or six, I played Crystal’s Pony Tale on the Sega Genesis. It was at a friend’s house and, if I remember right, they had rented the game from Blockbuster. It was 1998 and Lisa Frank had a firm hold on the elementary girl market, and someone at Sega picked up on that. The game shouldn’t have stood out. I don’t even remember if I played it or someone else did, but it was only in my life for an hour or so. It wasn’t anything too special, just a side scrolling platformer where you played as a bright pink pony.

According to Wikipedia, Game Developer critiqued this game for having too much pink in its graphics. I don’t know what they could be talking about.

Tonight, I replayed Crystal Pony’s Tale on an in-browser rom and I realized why I still remembered it. It was because it was a masterpiece. Not a masterpiece of game play, story lines, dialogue or character (all of which are fairly non existent), but as an absurdist statement on naivete and the frivolity of youth. I think.

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Podcast Simulator 2016

60% of Volcano Bakemeat Radio have been way too into Stardew Valley recently and with the building of Grant’s PC we’re about to bump that up to 80%, so simulators have been on our minds recently.

This week, we devote an hour to everything from Forza to Goat Simulator 2015. We talk about what draws us to simulators, what makes a simulator good, if they’re doomed to be casual (and really is that so bad?), and the deceptively simple question: what is a simulator anyway?

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Final Destination, No Items: Why I Love Super Smash Bros. Too Much To Like It

I love Super Smash Brothers.

The lightweight combat system, position-based strategy, agile and easy to learn controls, and host of memorable characters make Nintendo’s fighting game franchise a core part of my identity as a gamer. I have fond memories of endless hours spent playing Melee with my friends, I love learning and strategizing with new characters, and I will never miss Smash on the main stage at EVO.

Super Smash Brothers is a bad franchise.

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Bargain Bin!: Mountain

Welcome to the Bargain Bin! Once a month, I buy a game from Steam or GoG with a list price (not a sale price) of under five dollars, and then tell you about it!
I’ll give you:

  • A brief synopsis so you know what the game is,
  • If it works (from a mechanical standpoint),
  • If I was able to put a full hour into it,
  • If I’m happy I own it once I’ve played it,
  • Any closing thoughts or impressions.

If you have a suggestion for other bargain bin games I should look at, feel free to tweet us @sosimplyverygud or email us at sosimplyverygood@gmail.com and I’ll take a look!

Price: $0.99

What is it?

Mountain, a game by David OReilly, is…. I am actually not sure how to answer this question. At first glance Mountain is a simulator; it simulates a mountain with weather effects and occasional random events. However, it’s only a simulator in the same way a closed terrarium is a simulator. You set it going, it does its thing, and you look at it. It keeps going in the background, and every once in a while you look over at it and say to yourself “Hey, that’s really frickin’ neato.” Continue reading Bargain Bin!: Mountain

Whatever Happened to Couch Co-op?

In this episode, the Volcano Bakemeat gang wax nostalgic about the glory days of being able to sit down and play games with a buddy.

We speculate about why local multiplayer has become the exception, rather than the norm, call out some fun and interesting modern examples and then talk about Nintendo a lot.

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The Gaming Future is Now? Why I’m Skeptical of VR:

The video game industry is young and growing fast. Every couple of years, it jumps forward by leaps and bounds to give us something more realistic-looking, bigger, more complex, engaging, etc. Every time a new console or accessory launches, the marketplace is sudden buzzing with talk of “the future of gaming”, with the idea that this product will become the new norm of gaming. I suspect Virtual Reality (VR) may be heading down the same path.

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