Bargain Bin!: There’s Poop in My Soup

Welcome to the Bargain Bin! Once a month, I buy a game from Steam or GoG with a list price (not a sale price) of under five dollars, and then tell you about it!
I’ll give you:

  • A brief synopsis so you know what the game is,
  • If it works (from a mechanical standpoint),
  • If I was able to put a full hour into it,
  • If I’m happy I own it once I’ve played it,
  • Any closing thoughts or impressions.

If you have a suggestion for other bargain bin games I should look at, feel free to tweet us @sosimplyverygud or email us at and I’ll take a look!

Price: $0.99

What is it?

There’s Poop in my Soup is a very simple game. You play as an anthropomorphized butt running around the outside of a building above a busy street, and you launch poop at people from above. The goal is to land as many deuces in a row as you can; on heads, in baby carriages, bouncing them off boxes, on taxi cabs, getting them under folk’s umbrellas can be particularly tricky, and yes, in a bowl of soup.

If you get a good combo going, the music will amp up, and if you’re really on point, the camera will start shifting forward and back in time with the amped up music.

There are three different levels in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris, with level specific challenges that you need to complete to unlock the next one, and I didn’t encounter much more before I stopped playing.


Does it work?

Yes. The mechanics are simple and effective, with only moments of frustration figuring out what you could bounce your feces off of and what you couldn’t.

Could I play it for an hour?

No. I stopped playing after 30 minutes and haven’t come back to it.

Am I happy I have it now that I’ve played it?

Damn right I am.


The concept is so inane and goofy that I couldn’t help but chuckle when I booted the game up. It’s quick and easy to get into, and easy to get out of, so when I’ve only got a few minutes to procrastinate, it’ll be the perfect thing to have lying around.

On top of that, the music and simple in-and-out movement of the camera can be unexpectedly satisfying. I was surprised at how much my blood was up at the end of a good combo of tossing dung at the unsuspecting denizens of these great cities. More than that, it was a surprisingly good spectator game. Jessica and I had a great time hooting and hollering at the absurdity of the whole situation.

All in all, it’s a solid experience. Would recommend to anyone who can laugh at butts and what comes out of ‘em.


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