So Simply, very good?

In the podcast’s inaugural episode, the Volcano Bakemeat Radio Crew talk about the games that that turned them into gamers and what makes a game “so simply, very good.”

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References and corrections:

Commander Keen – Wikipedia page, Steam

DeliciousCinnamon’s Vientamese Bootleg Pokemon Crystal letsplay (this podcast’s namesake)

Eternal Darkness – Wikipedia pageEbay

The Floor is Jelly – Website, Steam (Apologies to creator Ian Snyder for not being able to remember his name off the top of our heads)

The Making of Halo 2 – The documentary where designer Jaime Griesemer explains the “30 seconds of fun” we referenced in the podcast.

Nancy Drew #4: Treasure in the Royal Tower – Wikipedia page, Amazon

Riven (The Sequel to Myst): Wikipedia, Steam

Sega Genesis’s X-Men – Wikipedia, browser emulator .

Space Invaders: Browser emulator

Sega Genesis’s X-Men: The playable characters who Paige couldn’t remember in the podcast were Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit and Nightcrawler. Storm, Rogue, Iceman and Archangel could be called in for supports which might explain her blurred memory. Jean Gray also showed up to pick you up when you fell off a cliff.

Myst- Myst did come out on CD, not floppy discs as we stated.

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